We offer Affordable Services


Beyond meaningful logos or interesting colour palettes, Purr would love to work together with our clients to develop brand identity as well as sustainable branding strategies to help create powerful impression and community trust for their brands.


While branding aims at years-long development, Purr also work with our clients to create sales-driven marketing solutions, focusing on a main target in a set period of time. Marketing activities help our clients to generate sales, expand businesses, and support branding.

Creative Production

Creative is not only a strength of our agency but also our culture. Each team member is expected to bring out new idea and relevant creative solution for the math. We understand our clients’ needs and fulfill them by creating new content in different creative forms such as video, photography, designs, and articles.

Marketing distribution

Creative content distribution is our “last but not least”. We develop a suitable channel mix for distribution plan, helping our clients to reach out to their potential customers, efficiently and effectively. Purr offers services in media booking, social media management, digital promotions and offline promotions.


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